Bear Bear Dice D10 Variety Pack (PRE-ORDER)

Bear Bear Dice D10 Variety Pack (PRE-ORDER)

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This is a pre-order and will ship by October 2021

Please include colors you would like in a message to the seller. Colors include: Green, Red,  Brown, Navy Blue, Clear, Purple, and Pink (pictures coming soon)

Bear Bear Dice Set- oversized dice feature Teddy Bears with Teddy Bear Paws on one face of each die. The Bear Bear dice are extra large measuring at 29mm D4, 25mm D6, 25mm D8, 25mm D10/D00, 28mm D12, and 29mm D20

These dice are named after the character Bear Bear, full name Ursus Barend who only managed to survive a single session. A dwarven druid with just a little bit of barbarian, Bear Bear was a loyal campaign and front-line guardian who often fought in the form of his namesake.